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Have a list of deliverables visible while viewing a Project?

Is it possible to show a list of related deliverables when viewing a Project?

A list of Tasks is viewable in the right column for each Project.

The ability to see all related deliverables and other related data tied to a project is very important.

Is this something that needs to be programmed by the Podio team or is something that can be done by a developer using the Podio API?

Thanks for listening.


Brett Golden Answered

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Does no one else require the ability to view all deliverables and tasks related to a project in one place?

Is there a workaround for this?

Brett Golden 0 votes

Hi Brett - the app reference already works this way. When you use app referencing to link deliverables to projects, you can see a list of those deliverables when you view the project from the Projects app.

Does that make sense?

/Jacquelyn - Podio

Jacquelyn May 0 votes

Hi there, I have this same desire to be able to focus purely on element underneath a blanket project.  I am having to name deliverable with the project name at the moment to see where the live. I have many "snag list" deliverables that are hard to see where they live in wider views. Should I be working in a different way?

Jamie Dunbar 0 votes

I agree... if there was a way of filtering deliverables (in the deliverables list) according to project title, i think this would be invaluable!

Also, because some deliverables relate to multiple projects, it would be nice to see how they relate to the overall set of deliverables in the deliverables list.

May i suggest the following to the software developers at podio  - who i know are very adaptable and responsive :) -

Under the deliverables viewing pane, create a separate drop-down list of project titles.

When the project is selected, Ghost the other deliverables and make them un-selectable, so that you can use the other filters to manage the list by date, stage, owner etc.

If you could do that the whole system would make so much more sense, because then we wont have to go fishing for deliverables in order to get an intuitive overview of the project

Thanks Podio!




Enlai Hooi 0 votes