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Trello-type app view

This is an email I sent to Podio a while ago. I thought I'd share it here on the forum:

Our team is falling in love with Podio more and more.

There's only one thing that's missing from Podio: Project Boards.

That's why we also love Trello.

Up until 30 minutes ago, I thought: "I'll just wait until there's an integration of Trello and Podio."

But 30 minutes ago, I saw the light because of a remark our new traffic manager made.

I want to share my insights with you, so you can put it on the top of the feature request list. ;)

A new App view: Board Layout

This layout is only available if your app makes use of the building block Category *AND* if you select "Only one" for Number of Possible Choices *AND* if you check the checkbox for that Category "Use for Board Layout"

The categories are the Columns of the board layout.

Inside each column you see the items from that App with that category.

You could use the badge layout for the "cards" in each column. (It would be even nicer if you could select the fields to show on the card/badge)

You can drag and drop the cards from one column to the other, in doing so changing the category.

You can drag and drop the cards within the column to sort them in any order.

That's it! You effectively now have Trello on steroids. There's absolutely no reason not to use Podio anymore if you add this board layout.

This would be so utterly sweet!

You can filter your board layout on cards that only reference a certain other App item (Say a specific project)

You could have a board of boards! One board with the projects that move from category to category, and one board with all the project tasks that move from category to category, and because you can filter those tasks on a specific project, that board acts as several boards rolled up into one!

Gijs van Dam Answered

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I know they are working on this because I saw a unintentional preview of it the other day. But what is missing is a way to view the cards full screen, or at least in a larger area than the current app views.

Mike Lallemont 0 votes

Hey Haris,

Yes the scrumboard showcase is definitely a little bit like Trello, but you have to host it yourself, and it lacks certain features and needs a bit of hacking to get it working. (I'm using it right now for a project)

So it's definitely not something that's easy to use for the masses, so to speak.

Gijs van Dam 0 votes

Hi Harris,

I second the opinion of Gijs... Scrumboard is a partial solution... We were considering to write a simple board for our company using the Podio API, just to get a general overview on our developments status in one board/view, which is basically what the Scrumboard does, but you need to adapt it to your own Apps... However, this is too much hacking, a more integrated solution within Podio would be the best/preferable! This would not be a good solution for Software Development teams... would be also extremely useful for any kind of project (the lists filtered by status are good, but it is difficult to see the overall state quickly).

Eduardo Silva 0 votes

Yes, I'm playing around with it.

First impression: Awesome!

But why not some feedback allready?

#1 Cards in a column aren't sort-able. It would be nice to make it sortable on either some app item property within that column, or on some sortorder property that's processed "under water" so to speak.

You could use the grouping feature ("rows based on") but grouping is not the same thing as sorting.

#2 How's determined what to show on a card? It actually looks quite nice, but I seem to have no influence on the fields shown. Am I missing something here?

That's it for now! Keep up the good work!

Gijs van Dam 0 votes

I miss the trello look and feel too...I'm looking forward to seeing this...;)  Positive thinking!

Victoria Gabaldon 0 votes

too fast. I am not seeing all the categories filled with cards: i have 5 categories one of these categories is empty in the "trello-like" view even though the database  has more that 10 items that are included in that category. 

Juan 0 votes

You need to modify the settings to select what categories you want to show. You can select two categories per view and save different views. Let us know in a private request if this doesn't work for you :)

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes

I can totally identify with your post. I find Trello great for the first stages of projects but then if fails when the project gets more and more complex. Podio should be able to handle more complex tasks but when you have to see the big picture the cards view does not show the info inside the cards and frankly it fails to show you how's the overall project going. The Gantt app is supposed to help with this but I find the installation and support of this item very lacking. I cannot see how can you manage any complex project if you cannot have an overall view of it, either though cards or Gantt.

Ramon Perez-Gatell 0 votes

I use Trello and this is great news. For future use I will definately switch to this.

Charl Henning 0 votes