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Creating true native multilingual apps

Please, add to App Builder the ability to create field title and explanatory text for each system language.

They have to be changed when user modifies account language.

Огородов Вадим Answered

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Hi Огородов Вадим, 

I see your point of this, but it could mean a lot of work for the ones building the app (if they need to add these in all different languages). 

But it could be optional, I agree. I will add this feedback to our lists. 

Thanks for using Podio, really appreciated! 

/Gustav - Podio

Gustav Jonsson 0 votes
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They can define one language as default. So they do not need to add all languages to the app. But it will be very simple to edit the app for international team. The same app, but different for different languages of Podio. Think about that.

And, by the way,your Russian is... slightly not real Russian (as my English is not real English :-).

May be you could ask native Russian to take a look to translation?

Огородов Вадим 1 vote
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