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  • Automations Bot

    Hi Tony Barlow, here's a crazy solution built and tested for you, and will work properly, please follow the steps:

    1. In your Invoices app create a view named "Unclaimed" (we will come back to this later).
    2. Go to your app -> Open an item -> click on modify template.
    3. Create a calculation field named "Filter Field", and inject the below code.
    4. @All of Lead Name.length > 0 ? @Created On : "2017-01-01"
    5. Make sure you replace the tokens @All of lead name with any token coming in from your initial app where you select your invoices via that relationship field, make sure this token is always present in your app, it can be literally any field, @Created On is a general property of your Invoice item so you can select that.
    6. Now comes the crazy part, go back and select the view you created in step 1 -> hit the filter button (filter button is at the top left of where total items count is shown), here you will go to the Filter Field and set the date as "2017-01-01" means 2017 January 1 (I'm assuming it won't conflict with any other current date of items in Invoices, you can set it any date you want, make sure you're selecting start and end date the same 2017-01-01).
    7. once set, click save and overwrite the view.
    8. Go back to your initial app where your relationship field is located(which you use to select invoices).
    9. open any item. -> click on modify template -> locate that relationship field -> click on the icon of the relationship field.
    10. You will be presented with a dialog box, click on "Choose an app" -> now where it says all items -> click on the pencil icon and select the Unclaimed view we created in step 1.

    That's it, I know it's kind of messy, but bear with me one sec, here now your relationship field will only show the items which have the date as "2017-01-01" and in the code you added above in that calc field outputs a date which checks if there are any backward references to the current invoice item, if yes, then it populates the created on date(which we don't want) and then it populates the unclaimed date which is 2017-01-01 which shows that the invoice is UNCLAIMED.

    The reason I went through all this date logic is because Podio doesn't support filtering out based on a calculation field, but it does allow filtering based on a date field, which we converted a calc field type to a date field type output.


    Hope that all makes sense to you, let me know if you have any questions!




    - V

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  • Jareey Monda

    To automate the process of identifying invoices that haven't been claimed for in another related app, you can explore creating a team report based on the absence of a relationship between the two apps. Instead of manually filtering out invoices based on the "Claimed" field toggle, the report can be designed to display invoices that are not yet linked to any claim records. This would eliminate the need for manual toggling and provide a more streamlined approach to identifying unclaimed invoices for future entries.

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