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ASP.NET Example App - Are the database scripts missing?


Today I downloaded the Podio ASP.NET Example App (, as recommended in the "Client Libraries: .NET - Podio API Documentation" (, and managed to get the solution up and running with a bit of jiggery-pokery. However, when I run the solution I get an exception around the expected PodioAspnetSampleDb database. 

The solution references the connection-string "server=WSA07;database=PodioAspnetSampleDb;user id=sa;password=pass" in the web.config. Since this didn't connect, I created a local SQL database with the same name and altered the connection string to point to this. When I run the solution again, it complains about missing tables.

Could it be that there is a database script or two that should be run to create a new database locally? If so, it would be great if these were included in the both the Git repository and the documentation.




Kaine Varley

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I managed to resolve this easily enough. So, if you're interested, I:

  1. Created a local DB called PodioAspnetSampleDb
  2. Created a single table in the DB called PodioOAuthData
  3. Added a primary key column called UserId of type int
  4. Added a varchar(max) column called OAuthJsonData
  5. Altered the connection string in the web.config to point to my DB


And that's it! Good luck with your project.



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