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20.03.17 - Improved ShareFile login and security enhancements




New ShareFile Login 

I am proud to announce a new way to use Podio with enhanced security features and the option to manage your employees with Single Sign-on (SSO). We feel that Podio has missed  some key functionalities in order to fully support Enterprise requirements for SSO, specific password requirements and two-step verification. We are making this possible for new customers with an improved integration to our Citrix family product, ShareFile.


Our current/old ShareFile login will be depreciated and removed from our login page as we go live with the new integration. If you are currently using ShareFile to login, make sure to create a Podio password to access your account in the future.

Going forward, using "ShareFile as login" will create a new Podio organization that is fully connected to your ShareFile account and will support the following features:


Two-step verification and SSO

New customers (signing up from today) will have the ability to leverage ShareFile’s extensive security features and Single Sign-on to manage their employees on Podio. All you need is a ShareFile account for your business (which will be helpful to back-up sensitive files) to keep track of employees and files. You can then enable two-step verification, set specific password requirements or use the Single-Sign-on integration from a ShareFile Enterprise version, and it will automatically use the same features for the Podio login.


A few extra things:

  1. The new login features can only be managed with new accounts created from today via or from signing up with ShareFile directly. It is not possible to leverage the ShareFile login for existing organisations at this point. If you are interested in a manual migration to the new version, our network of partners would be able to assist and we can make it happen together.
  1. Please also know that our old “login with ShareFile” option is no longer available. We have replaced the old version of the ShareFile login with the new enhanced option to give room for full user management and the new security enhancements.


Read the full details via our blog.

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

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