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    Sumedha Panwar


    Some of the functionalities you mentioned are now available with the new Table Layout (available under the switch layout option).

    Other features:

    • Faster, More Performant Table Layout
    • Frozen Header While Scrolling Vertically
    • Ability to Re-Order Columns from Table Layout
    • Ability to Pin Columns to the Left Side
    • Seamless Column Width Adjustment

    Read more here


    Sumedha, Team Podio

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  • Bill Carovano

    For updating multiple records at once, check out 

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  • Mark Cannon

    Podio tables need a re-work. These items you mention, Mike, are some of the same things I've wondered about for a long time. Visualization is not Podio's strong suit, and these would be a wonderful start.

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  • Mark Cannon


    Your link goes nowhere for me. Is it correct?

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hi Mike and Mark - this link should work: it is an extension built by one of our partners.

    I also agree our Table Layout could use some re-work. We have this planned for the long-term roadmap. Hopefully we can provide an update in the future.

    Thanks for the useful feedback!

    //Sara - Product Manager

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