Any idea if this calculation is possible?



  • nealpatil

    Hi Maurice,

    I have created spreadsheet prototype screenshots for your application.

    It includes Investors, Deals, TotalFunds for investment, Remaining Funds for Investment etc.


    NealPatil @



    Investors :



    Investor Deals :


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  • Maurice Spangberg

    Hi Neal,

    Thanks for your reply! The prototype spreadsheet you posted is exactly what I am trying to achieve. The investor fields in the deals app are relationship fields so in the investor 1 field in my deals app for a certain deal it can be mister Smith and for another deal the investor 1 field can be mister Jones etc.

    Best regards,


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  • nealpatil

    Hi Maurice,

    My recommendation is not to use Investor1 for different persons. Because when you create reports later on at that time you can just mention investor1 and it would be always Mr. Smith. Otherwise reporting for Investors will become complex.

    It means Investors  are like  the following.

    Investor1 Mr. Smith

    Investor2 Mr. Jones

    Investor3 Mr. Smiley

    Investor4 Mr. Ford

    Investor5 Mr. Honda


    Investor-Deals will be like the following:

    Investor              Deal             Amount

    Investor1             Deal1           100

    Investor2             Deal1           200

    Investor3             Deal1           300

    Investor3             Deal2           50

    Investor4             Deal2           150

    Investor5             Deal2           200


    Report about Investors : Then you can say that

    Investor1 invested total 100

    investor2 invested total 200

    investor3 invested total 350(i.e. 300 + 50)

    investor4 invested total 150

    investor5 invested total 200




    NealPatil @



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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Maurice, 

    that's very simple, you don't need any code for that and you can keep your set up:

    Enter in your calculation field

    @sum of amount

    and you'll get a list (in the popup) where you see 9 "Sum of Amount invested by"-variables divided in 3 sections: 
    via Investor 1, via investor 2, via investor 3

    At first select "Sum of Amount invested by Investor 1" in the first section (via Investor 1), then "Sum of Amount invested by Investor 2" in the second section, then "Sum of Amount invested by Investor 3" in the third section. These 3 you have to add and their sum must be subtracted from "Total" (= "the field that says how much money in total that investor wants to invest."). At the end your calculation looks like:

    @total - (@Sum of Amount invested by Investor 1 + @Sum of Amount invested by Investor 2 + @Sum of Amount invested by Investor 3)

    The sum is the amount that's available for this investor.



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