Extension vouchers for Premium & Enterprise organizations

Organizations on the Premium and Enterprise plans have access to vouchers for some of our most popular Podio extensions. This offer is available to organizations who upgrade to our Premium tier on or after June 23, 2015.

Any employee in the organization can take advantage of these vouchers. To access the vouchers, click the profile icon in the top blue bar, then "Extension Voucher offer". If you haven't upgraded yet, you will see the option to do so here. Otherwise, you will see the option to redeem the vouchers right from this page. 


We are currently offering vouchers for the following extensions:

Plecto: Customizable dashboards showing data all across your Podio apps. Check out this blog post for an in-depth example of how one company uses Plecto and Podio.

Voucher: 6 months free use for 10 agents.

PieSync: Two-way (bidirectional) sync of your Podio contacts with a wide range of popular tools such as Salesforce and MailChimp. 

Voucher: 6 months free use.


Please note:

The voucher offer is not available for customers that already have an existing paid account with Plecto or PieSync.

These extensions are not part of the Premium or Enterprise tiers, nor are they part of the Podio product. By redeeming a voucher you create a new account with an external Podio Partner. Each voucher is valid for it's specified period, and the conditions of the voucher may vary. Podio cannot guarantee any of the services these partners provide.

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