Manage Workspaces

The "Manage workspaces" area lets you view, delete, archive and leave your workspaces. To get there, select the "Manage workspaces" link below your list of workspaces.

From here you will see a list of all workspaces in the organization where you are a member. If you are an employee in the organization, you will also find a list of open workspaces on the right that you may join.

In each of the workspaces where you are a member, you have the option to delete, archive, or leave the workspace. Note that deleting a workspace is not reversible

Archiving a workspace means the content continues to be stored in Podio, but the workspace will not appear in your left navigation for you or for other workspace members. To restore an archived workspace, click the "Archived Workspaces" section at the top, then "Restore". This restores the workspace with all of its content and members. 

Don't see these options? Only workspace admins can delete, archive, or restore workspaces. To see who is an admin in the workspace, visit the space and click the name of the workspace above the activity stream. From here you will see all members and their roles. 

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