TimeCamp and Podio

Integration with TimeCamp enables Podio users to work on projects and track time all at once. It allows users to log hours and analyze all the time spent on specific assignments. Selected workspaces are synchronized with TimeCamp and structured into projects the same way as they are structured in Podio. Each workspace is treated as a separate project under which stand the applications. Then there are items, tasks and subtasks. Additionally, the time tracker enables to invite team members assigned to the task, so they could monitor their time as well.

Every Podio user can log their hours/minutes to the timesheets in TimeCamp using manual or automatic time tracking. They can also measure the time directly in Podio by using a plugin for Chrome. After adding it to the browser, the users will be able to run a timer, which will appear in the window of the chosen application, item or task. They will see how much has already been allocated in the specific assignment and won’t miss any billable minutes.

To start the integration, go here.
To get the plugin go, here.

Please note: This is not an officially supported Podio integration - if you have any questions regarding this extension, please direct them to our partners at TimeCamp.

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