Email to item

The Email to Item tool allows you to send a comment to any Podio item right from your email. Simply send an email to the unique email address for the item, and a comment will be added.

You can find the unique email address for any item by clicking the Actions dropdown menu at the top of your item, then "Email to item".

From here you will see two different email addresses. One contains your name and is your own personal email address for this item. When you send an email to this address, the comment will show as being sent from your account. Do not share this address with anyone, else they'll be able to post comments as yourself.

If you'd like someone else to be able to send emails to the item, you'll find a generic email address at the bottom which you can share with anyone. Emails sent to this address will show the name of the app as the sender instead of another Podio member. 

Note: An Admin cannot edit or delete a comment made with the Generic Email Address, but an Admin can edit or delete a comment made with the Your Personal Email Address link.

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