Can I have a white-label version of Podio?

No, we don't offer that and don't plan to. Here's why:

We built Podio to help people work. We wanted to offer a powerful tool that had all the flexibility needed but didn't stand in the way of you doing your work. So Podio is a service delivered through the web that's easy to use and that end of the day is just a tool.

Traditionally, you would have had to dig your way to the information you needed from a top level, probably representing the organisation itself. In Podio we get that to you through streams, your personal notifications, by providing you with your own task list, calendar etc. You experience everything from your point-of-view.

If you need Podio in multiple organisations, you can do that with the same user account. No need to switch or use a different tool.

This means that people might use Podio for more than just accessing your projects. Which makes it really powerful for the individual user that can then manage all work from the same tool. And since it's us that are ultimately responsible for the service itself (including support to your end users!) we might as well be fully transparant about that.

We take pride in updating our tool frequently and the best way to make that a good experience is to take full responsibility for the interface ourselves and not try to hide the fact that Podio is a rich work platform that you can use for a lot of things. Ultimately we think this is great for the users - and great for you as an organisation owner wanting to work with others on the platform you use yourself.

In addition, we offer several mobile clients (currently Android and iOS) that a lot of people use on a daily basis. Doing branded versions of these wouldn't be great.

Make sure to explain why you're inviting people to workspaces or app items, upload your logo and name your workspaces in a meaningful way and we're certain people won't mind using a tool that doesn't have your name on it just as they don't mind receiving documents done in Microsoft Word. We'll sit quietly in the back, making sure the platform runs smoothly so you can concentrate on getting work done.

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