Using a Contacts app/Importing Contacts

We recommend that you use a contact app to create a global directory of contacts. You can set an app's type to "Contact" when creating the app:

If you ever need to change the app type later, don't worry - you can do so from that app's settings menu at any time.

After selecting the app type and clicking "Next", you will see there are several fields added to the app for you. You can add or remove fields as necessary, but please note that certain fields are required and cannot be removed.

If you need to import any existing contacts into your app, you can easily import them all at once via the Excel import function.

Once you have your contacts added to the app, you can link the contacts to other apps in other workspaces via the relationship function. This makes your contacts available to be tagged anywhere in your Podio organization.

If you would like more tips on how to use Podio for CRM, check out this article.

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