Member roles in workspaces

In Podio we have different types of admin roles and member roles. 

We have two types of admins: the workspace admin and the organization admin.

Workspace admin

Being an administrator in an organization does not automatically make you an admin in all workspaces. You need to create the workspace yourself to be the admin, or ask a colleague to promote you to an admin in a specific workspace.

When you're an administrator of a workspace, you can change any member's role in the workspace. Click the small wrench icon on top of your workspace activity stream, then choose "Manage Members."

The roles are: 

Here is a summary of the actions that users can perform with the different of user roles.

ActionSpace adminRegular userLight user (Plus and Premium)
See all activity Yes Yes Yes
Use all apps (add and edit items, or upload files) Yes Yes Yes
Write comments Yes Yes Yes
Create tasks Yes Yes Yes
Create a new organisation Yes Yes Yes
Write messages to everyone Yes Yes Yes
Create new apps Yes Yes  
Add apps from the App Market Yes Yes  
Invite people to workspaces Yes Yes  
Delete others' app items
(if the user is creator of the app)
Yes Yes  
Export an app to Excel Yes Yes  

Create tiles & reports

Yes Yes  
Publish apps to the App Market Yes    
Modify or delete others' apps and workflows Yes    
Delete others' app items Yes    
Reorder apps in a workspace Yes    
Change user permissions Yes    
Change space settings Yes    


Related to this is the role of guests. Guests are users that have been invited to selected items using the share item tool. They can edit and comment these specific items, but cannot see anything else within the workspace, such as the full list of members, other information in the app, or other apps in the same workspace.

You can change the roles if you click the wrench icon at the top of the workspace, then "Manage members."

Organization admin (Upgraded organizations only)

In an upgraded organization, the organization admin has access to the User Management tool, and can decide and lock down the organization name and URL via the organization settings.

Below is a video on how to change the roles: (Please note that design is outdated.)


The User Management tool is a great feature. It's included in Podio Basic, Podio Plus and Podio Premium.

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