Ending your Podio contract

Ending a contract with Podio

If you'd like to end your paid plan in Podio, you can do this at any time from the billing page. Click the profile icon in the top blue bar, and then "Billing".

If you have more than one contract with us, you can select which one you'd like to end here.

From your contract detail page, click the "End my plan" link to end your contract. This will revert your organization back to the free version of Podio. Note that none of the content in your organization will be lost, however you will no longer have access to paid features

Ending a contract when you are over the free user limit

It's possible that you are using more than your free user limit when you try and end your contract. If that is the case, you'll have to go to the User Management page in order to remove users before you can end your contract. We leave it to you as the account owner to decide which users can still have access to the account, instead of automatically choosing for you.

Hover over your organization name in the left hand navigation, then click the wrench icon, and select "User Management". Now remove enough users until you are at or below the free limit (5 members), and then downgrade via your billing page.


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