App layouts

Your Podio apps can be viewed in the following layouts:

Pro Tip: You can filter, sort, and save different views of your app. Learn more about this here.


Badge Layout

Displays your app items in "badges", showing snapshots of your app items. 

To customize what is shown in the badges, click the wrench icon in the upper left when viewing the app, then "Layout options"

From here you can select which fields appear within the badges. Select None in any section to hide that area and make the badges smaller. This ensures that you only see the information that is relevant to you in your badges. 

Table Layout

App items are displayed in a table layout. Click the tool icon above your app items to customize which columns appear in this layout. Click the top of any column to sort by that column.

Use the arrow buttons in the top corners to view columns that aren't shown. 

Stream Layout

Shows app items by recent activity, in a layout similar to the Activity Stream.

Calendar Layout

Best for Event Apps - shows your app items on a calendar, based on the date set for each item. 

Card Layout

Card Layout is a way of visually displaying the items in your apps, enabling you to put projects and deliverables (or any other type of information) on “cards” that are categorized to display progress through different stages of your workflow. You can drag and drop these cards to easily reorder or assign new categories. 

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