By adding a webform to your app, you can get data into Podio from an external source, such as your website.

Webforms can be used for many different purposes. Some common examples are:

  • Use an Attendees app with a webform to gather submissions to your event. 
  • Use a Requests app with a webform to get contact form postings from your website's "Contact Us" section.
  • Use a Candidates app to get candidates for your next job opening into your Recruitment workflow. 

All apps have a webform that can be used to submit items into the app. To access the webform link as well as the webform settings, click the wrench icon to the right of your app, and select "Webform".

Here is a quick video showing how to set up webforms in your app: 

CSS-savvy? You can add custom CSS to make your Podio webform look just the way you want. Simply click "Theme" on the right of the webform settings page to show a text box where you can add your stylesheet.

Tip: To embed the webform on your website, you will need to enter the domain of your website in the webform settings, with and without the "www." prefix.
Example: "www.yourdomain.com" and "domain.com"

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