What is the Employee Network?

The Employee Network is a place to communicate with your entire company. With your Employee Network's activity stream you can share status updates, files, questions, links, images, and even tasks. Sharing something in the Employee Network could be used instead of internal email when wanting to share and discuss things with the entire organization. 

Unlike workspaces that are for specific groups of people working on projects or ongoing processes, the Employee Network connects your whole company. It does this based on your company e-mail address, e.g. john@yourcompany.com would join the YourCompany Employee Network.

You can add an unlimited amount of co-workers from your company to your Employee Network. They can also join it by signing-up for Podio using the same company e-mail address.

Pro tip

Customize your Employee Network with image tiles to symbolize your team and company. You can for example add a large image of your team, or company logo. Learn more about using tiles here.

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