Creating workspaces

Most work in Podio is done within workspaces. Workspaces are used to structure your work and to collaborate with specific groups of people. People generally name their workspaces after departments, clients, teams or projects (e.g. "HR", "Intranet" or "Project Zeus"). You can then invite collaborators and add apps to the workspace to get your work done.

Create a new workspace

Any member of an organization's Employee Network can create workspaces within that organization. External members cannot create workspaces an organization.

If you'd like to create a new workspace, click the "Create workspace" button in the workspace selector.

The next step is to set basic permissions for the workspace. Workspaces can either be open, allowing all internal employees in your organization to join them, or private, meaning they are strictly invite-only.

Open workspaces can also be set to auto-join. That means any new employee signing up for Podio will be automatically added to the space. Note that auto-joining does NOT affect existing users.

When you've created the workspace, invite your desired co-workers in and add some apps!

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