Known limitations in Podio

Podio has the following limitations:

  • Category fields: 200 categories per field
  • Relationship fields: 250 items per field
  • Contact field: When using the "add workspace" option, only 250 members can be added to the field at a time
  • Calculation field: 10 levels reference of calculations allowed. Review more insights to behaviour here.
  • Help text in app fields: 255 characters (not strictly enforced, but will show formatting issues if you exceed the limit)
  • Webform file attachments: 10 attachments
  • Views
    • 100 private views per user, 100 public views per app
    • Saved views have a limit of 15 rows per view
  • Reports: 50 reports per app
  • Tiles: 25 tiles per workspace 
  • Card layout: 100 cards. The first 100 cards in the view you choose will be shown. Additional filters are needed to reduce the number of items shown
  • Tasks: 50 tasks shown on an item
  • Excel export/import: 20,000 rows. To import more than 20,000 rows, break your spreadsheet into multiple imports. To export more than 20,000 rows, use filters and export in pieces.
  • Item revisions: 5,000 revisions (excluding calculation field changes)
  • Items in app: 500,000 items maximum limit per app
  • Calendar: 60 (avg events per day) x 6 (weeks displayed) x 7 (days) = 2520 events visible
  • Calendar export: 1,000 future events 
  • Map fields: 250 maps per user per day (due to the Google API limit). This also applies when importing items from Excel. 
  • Invites:  To prevent spam, we have the following limits for each user for each day:
    • Send messages to 5 email addresses, if the emails are not already on Podio
    • Share items with 25 email addresses, if the emails are not already on Podio
    • Create tasks for 10 email addresses, if the emails are not already on Podio
    • Invite up to 100 email addresses, if the emails are not already on Podio
  • Comments: 2,500 comments on an individual item
  • File Attachments: 200 files attached to a single item or task
  • Notifications: 10 notifications for a specific reference in a 2 hour period.

General recommendations to improve speed and performance of your apps:

  • Items: We have a limit of 500,000 items in one app
  • Fields: We recommend maximum 100 fields in one app
  • Date fields: We do not recommend using the calendar view "show in calendar" date field option for large apps. If you are creating an app planned for many items, make sure to uncheck the "show in calendar" option for the date field. Removing the items from the calendar will improve performance of your app.
  • Apps: Adding a large number of fields and calculation fields will decrease the performance of your app and make it run slower. Maximum 500,000 items per app.

GlobiFlow automations:

  • Flows: 8000 flows per account. We recommend careful clean-up and deletion of flows no longer in use.
  • Actions: 5,000,000 actions per month. Review and optimize flows in order not to run duplicate automation actions.
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