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  • Get all mondays between two dates

    HI all, i have 2 date field : From & To Ex: From = 20/10/2018 & To = 1/2/2019 How can i get the list of Monday from 20/10/2018 to 1/2/2019? Result: 21/10/2018 28/10/2018 04/11/2018 .... 28/1/2019 T...

  • Display image of other app in calculation field

    Hi all, I have 2 app (not relationship): Image app: Item 1: image field: image 1 Item 2: image field: image 2 Work app: Calculation field How can i display image 1 and image 2 of Image App in calc...

  • Change formating rich Text to plain text

    Change formating rich Text to plain  text Hi all, i have 2 fields: Original field (text field) and Target field (calculation) Orginal (text field): Formating: bold, italics, underline, strikethrou...

  • Display date items in calendar app

    Display date items in calendar app There are 365 different items in Day App and related with one items in Calendar App. 1/ Day App: App Structure: Name of item: Date: 4.5.2017 Day of the week: Thur...

  • get 3 first words from Content text field

    Hi all, I want to get 3 first words from Content text. Example: Content (text field): Globiflow is now part of Citrix 3 first words (calculation field): Globiflow is now Help me to write the calc...

  • Wrong Sorting of Order Number (calculation field)

    Hi all, i am new bie and need your guide :) In calculation, I want sorting of order (number field) from relationship App The table in calculation, that i want to create : |No| Order | Example Title...

  • Bilingual with two columns

    Hi all I have 2 text field: ----------------- Text Field a: paragraph Language A Ax xxx / Att t/ Az zz / Appp pp ppp/   Text Field b: paragraph Language B Bl/ Byy yyy/ B qqqq/ B uuu uu/ ------...

  • Calculation: blank text field returns number 1

    Hi all, i have one issue. i have one calculation field and two text field A, B calculation field = 0 if both text field A and B have text or character calculation field = 2 if both text field A and...

  • Reminder for task in smartphone (alarm)

    Dear all, i set time of task for reminder but in smartphone (android) i don't get anythings of alarm or notification Can you guide this function? Thanks

  • Cash Calculation / Daily / Weekly/Monthly

    Dear Podio, I have App A: Record money spend of each employee and reason to spend the money. The template is as follow Reason - Relationship field (not category) For exam: Eating, Buying, Tra...