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  • average of progress (linked items)

    Hi there, I have an app with a relation t oanother app where each item contains a 'progress' (0 - 100 %) field. When I use the '@Avg of Fortschritt' function, the calulated value is not correct (as...

  • calculate date from linked items

    Hi there, I have a clients app an an app where I document appointments with my clients. Now I want to display all clients, where the last appointment is more than 14 days in the past, so I want to ...

  • Print Items with linked entries

    Hi there,   I am using a projects app where I track all my projects. Sub-Projects are linked to the project-item so I have a beatiful overwiev about the status of every project. Problem is: I can't...

  • display date/time dependent on antother field

    Hi there,   I want to show the current time in a calculated field on when a specific condition is true, otehrwise the field shall keep the time-value that was set before. Example: if (@Timer === "O...

  • do some calculation with the current time

    Hi there, I want to create a simple time-tracking app to record the time spent on some projects. I have a category-field 'Timer' with two otions 'On' and 'Off'. Then in a caclulated field I want to...

  • access voting and rating via Javascript?

    Hi there, since it unfortunately is not possible yet to show the 'star-rating' or 'voting' fields in an app view to sort or filter accordingly, I'm looking for a way to access the results (i.e. 3....

  • grab email field from contact of linked item?

    Hi there, this is my challenge today: I have an app ABC (special customers) which has a 'person' field that links to another app XYZ (all customers). In XYZ there are is a 'contact' field with all...

  • count characters in text-field?

    How I count (and show) the number of characters of a text-field (same item)?

  • Split contact name field in name, surname

    Hi there, I'd like to split the name field of the contact (which we always save as "name, surname") in two fields: name and surname. What I can do until now is access the contact name field as who...