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  • Collapsible Sections in an App

    It would be cool if you could create named sections in an app, that you could collapse. Some of our apps are getting pretty unwieldy and there's a lot of scrolling involved. In the app maker if you...

  • Hide Fields - EXTREME EDITION

    Hi, I see that a few people have requested to be able to hide fields even if there is a value in there. This doesn't go far enough though. We have an app that we use that has 40 fields. All of th...

  • Kanban layout

    For project management it would be really cool to have a kanban layout. It would look similar to the card layout out, but with columns for the different stages. The stages off of a selected catego...

  • Select a colour theme for each app

    It would be nice to be able to set a colour theme for each app. Just something subtle. It would be an instant and constant visual as to where you are working / what you are viewing at any time.

  • Calculation Field Preview - Show as how it will actually display

    Would be helpful to have the calculation field preview to parse to what it will actually look like. I usually have to go back and edit the code a few times to get the field to show how I want it to...

  • Dates and Time formats and week start day

    Can you please uncouple date, time, and start weekday settings, as separate from the language setting. I need 24 hour time, DD/MM/YYYY, and the week to start on Sunday, but I cannot see any way of ...

  • Field hidden when creating an item

    Adding the feature to always hide a field has been great. The next step for us would be to hide field when creating an time. With the option to now always hide a field, we are adding a whole bunch ...

  • Dropdown menu colours

    Just a small UI change. Well, I guess there's no such thing as a small UI change with Podio. At the moment dropdown menus are just a browser default, grey, dropdown box. Would be great if it could ...

  • Multiple and Customisable Calendar Views in Podio

     Hi.  We currently use google calendar to keep track of event bookings but would really like to move away from this and just use Podios calendar. In it's current state Podios calendar is just not u...

  • Calculation Preview and Displaying Markdown

    Would be handy to have the calculation preview display markdown correctly. Would save a lot of back and forth, with having to fix my sloppy code :P