Sending A Email to person-in-charge when there is no files attached



  • Automations Bot

    Hello Zhao,

    This can be easily done in Workflow Automation.

    - When item is created -> Capture date of item creation and add one day and store that date in a hidden field under the same item

    - create another date flow which is triggered when the hidden field matches current date, when this flow is triggered, make an API call to Podio API to get files on the single item.

    - Podio API returns an array of files, if that array length is 0 then you can be sure no file is attached and you can send an email requesting files, if there is a file attached, return out of the flow

    I can help you get this done quickly, let me know if you need any help?


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  • Bavo De Cooman

    Hi Zhao,

    You can create a date flow that triggers on item create + 1 day.

    In the flow, you use the token "all files list" in an if condition

    • Brick 1: IF [(item) All files list] == ""
    • Brick 2: Send Email
    • Brick 3: End if

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards

    Bavo De Cooman

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