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  • Automations Bot

    Hello Kelly, The simplest way would be to select an SMS service to send and receive SMS messages like Twilio, SMRTphone, Callrail, Clicksend etc.

    Second step would be to set up an on create flow in Workflow Automation when a lead is created in your app, send an SMS using your selected SMS service API

    This way whenever you get a new lead, an SMS can be automatically sent and logged to the lead automatically.

    Let me know if you need any help in integrating this!


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  • Jordan Fleming

    Hi Kelly - there are a couple of ways of doing this. If you're using smrtPhone, there is an option when you design the inbound text message flow of creating an automated response through the platform. Alternatively you can trigger a response from inside of Podio using the Podio workflow automation tool and the smrtPhone SMS API. See this help document: 

    If you're using another service aside from smrtPhone you can likely use the Podio workflow automation tool to send a webhook to that service.

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