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    Hi Tom Loner, as per the data you provided above you have the following app structure:

    Leads app which stores leads and items are related to Podio Number and Team Member (both having their respective apps)

    End goal would be to see how many Podio Numbers are assigned to each Team Members?

    If this is the case, then you can do the following:

    In Podio Workflow Automation (formerly known as Globiflow)

    1. Create an update flow in a separate app named "Reporting" for when a button is clicked to 'yes' -> Get a backward reference from Team Members app (because team members are attached to a lead in leads app AND Numbers are also attached to a lead).
    2. Do a For Each loop and store Podio Number associated with that lead in a global variable recursively with the Team Member's name or ID.
    3. Once that is done, you can programatically group those on the basis of Team Members name(use a group by function in ProcFu or send that variable data to outer server to group them and display them nicely in a table format).
    4. Use that data to comment out or send an email to yourself so you can see this data whenever you click that button in Reporting app, or better you can automatically click that button everyday at a specific time by using Date and Time flows in globiflow

    As you mentioned above that you have a technical background so you'll be able to implement this easily.

    This isn't a general solution to your problem, the reason is because these 3 apps are not connected very well, if you want to see how many team members have Podio Numbers assigned, you need to add automations in your apps for whenever a team member is attached and phone number is attached -> store them in a text field so all data is centralised in your leads app and then use that data to group by.


    If you can provide some screenshots of your Podio Numbers, Leads and Team Members app, maybe I'll be able to provide you a better solution for your query, for now, this is how you can see which Podio numbers are attached to which team members.



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