Auto-Upgrade all users to the newer and more performant look



  • Robert Buchanan

    Your product is brilliant. That said, I surely hope there are plans to improve customization of each app appearance.

    E.g. sections, columns, tabs, etc (navigable and conditional)

    IMHO this would take things to the next level.

    Your humble fan,

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  • Matt Angell

    I can't speak for other companies but we switched over because 10 months ago Podio announced that deprecation was imminent and when I asked what "imminent" meant I never got an answer.  So while I appreciate the work I can say that my team switched to the new look because we thought it was required, not because we liked it.

    Feedback: please fix the the filtered views!  They change locations and are slower to load, Podio missed whatever target they were shooting for and it is a legitimate downgrade.  My team unanimously hates it and from the forums it seems that overwhelmingly Podio users hate it.

    I am interested in hearing what other UX updates Podio has planned because it's been disappointing so far, especially with the stability issues like Podio's API dying for Java, .net, and C# libraries.  

    I would much rather see increased support and meaningful changes.


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  • Pallabi Patnaik

    Hi Robert Buchanan and Matt Angell Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Apart from the conversion rates to the new UI, we have also been tracking feedback and doing customer interviews to understand the pain points. If you would like to discuss further one-on-one, feel free to schedule a meeting on my calendar at

    Yes we do have plans of UX modifications to our app page, table view, filters etc. and these would be incrementally added over a period of time. Please keep track of our product news section to learn more about when they would be available.

    Regarding the new design of the app view pane, it has proven to load much faster than in the old UI due to the addition of pagination in the list of views. To support this pagination and retain the last used view functionality from the old UI we are needed to bring the last used view on the top. So only the position of the last used view changes while all other views remain intact. However, we have noted this as a common feedback and will try to make it less confusing. Having said that, I hope you are able to benefit from the segregation of team vs private views, more real estate with collapsible app description and reduction in unnecessary view creation that in turn benefits the app load time.


    // Pallabi - Podio Product Manager

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  • Ric Letson

    This so-called "upgraded" look is absolutely horrendous. The entire platform's color scheme is now WAY too bright (to the point that it physically hurts my eyes). Thankfully the author of the Podio Super Menu browser extension saw fit to give us a "Make new Teal UI nicer" option which somewhat mutes the atrocious bright teal. 

    Also, Whose brilliant idea was it to split views into two tabs? I work all day in podio and really don't feel like constantly swapping tabs back and forth between Team & Private views. 


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  • Extremely bad design. It became very difficult to work, small print. The previous version was much more convenient. Please return the original font.

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  • Robis

    Are You F*%$ kidding me??? You declare that 99% of users are agree with the new UI? Screw this, GET BACK the OLD Look. 

    Just make a vote, inside the Podio, and everyone will see, who will vote for new look. 

    For sure, it looks like You are pretty smart guys, just have no idea what is ergonomy about, for health, eyes and etc. Just kick out Your UX/UI designer. 

    I am so disappointed about this. 

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  • dave a

    Can we go back to the old podio?

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  • Jakub Zawadzki

    The users in my organization are in favor of the new design. It seems modern and fresh.

    However, we would welcome more features requested by other organizations..

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