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    Hey Amir,

    Here is how you can achieve this functionality:

    - Create a view in your prospects app and filter according to the items which will have status as 'hot'

    - Create an app named Reporting and in this app create a category field to click as yes, preferably field would be Generate Reporting -> Yes and other single line text field named 'Title' which you can

    - Create item in this app with title as MAIN and leave the category field as it is



    - Create a date flow which runs every day, but filter it out when day of the week is monday, when condition is met, search for the item within Reporting app where title of item is 'MAIN'

    This gives you the item access to attach the hot prospect within this item


    Now in the 3rd point first part you mentioned that you'd want to export the list of the hot prospects, I'm assuming you want an excel sheet for your hot prospects, if so then do the following:


    -  Create a flow in Reporting app which will trigger when generate reporting is selected as yes

    - Generate an excel file with PWA action and it'll be attached to the same item.

    - Send out the email with your email template and attach most recent file within the email action


    The email will be sent to the email address you provided along with the exported file


    For CCing the prospect emails, it is a whole different story, you cannot send more than a specific amount of emails per hour and if hot prospect list is more than 100 then you can't send emails directly from PWA, instead, I'd prefer using a 3rd party service like Twilio sendgrid, Mailchimp transactional to automate this side of the process to send emails from that service after this file is generated.


    Of course this isn't the most optimal solution, since I don't know your end goal here, so if you can clarify on that I can provide you a better solution for this!



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