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  • Automations Bot

    Hey, fitting more than 1 entry will just overflow the card area that might display the data in your badge view, to customise this according to how you want to set it up, follow the steps below:


    If the displaying field(Alfosere) is a relationship field:

    - Create a calculation field

    - Insert this code: let totalItems = @All of Alfosere; return "Alfosere Total ("+totalItems.length()+")"


    If this Alfosere is a Non Relationship field (Any field other than relationship):


    - Create a text field

    - Set up an automation to interact with Podio API to get the total values of that category field and display it like above



    Regardless of what the type of field is, after any of the step is done properly, you should see the count in that field.


    After this just go to app layout->Badge layout and select that field you just created!


    If you have any questions, post a comment or email me at!

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