Creating a report featuring time evolution of a KPI



  • Automations Bot

    Hey Madeline,

    I guess solution might be this:

    - Generating a report of the elements in a given time frame (Open the desired app ->Click on Reports and count the number of items per timeframe date)

    Make sure the timeframe date is your date which you want to see the evolution in time.


    There you go! you get a tile on your workspace activity section showing the count of the items per time.


    If this is not visually appealing to you, maybe check out Data Studio OR Plecto for more visual-centric dashboarding of your KPIs with your Podio apps.


    If you have any questions, post a comment here!

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  • Marc Decroos

    We do this with a daily flow in CPWA (Globiflow) taking the KPI number in a separate APP as a snapshot of that value. Reports in that APP give you the desired graph ...

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  • Madeline Trousseau

    Hi Mark and Automations bot,

    Thank you for your messages. Basically, this is exactly what I need.

    So from your words Marc, I need to have the globiflow. How about the solution from Automations bot? Can I do this with the regular workflows?

    I am not sure how you do this. Automations bot, would you have a 10'time for a conf call? This would help a lot!


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  • fateh shakir


    I want to see the evolution of the sales KPIs in time.

    I already have the relevent elements in a report, but this is only at time T.

    I want to track the evolution in time VRL Tracking => see KPIs evolution (numbers not graph) through time. 

    How can I do that with Podio?

    Thank you so much for your support!



    Same Qustion

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