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  • Donna Blyth

    Hi Crystal Campos-Juarez, I would think you could do this yourself now but it would require a workspace for each employee:

    • Create a workspace for each employee and give them and the admin access. Each of our employees has their own workspace anyway that has our own induction and supervision information and where we can practice creating/modifying apps if needed.
    • You can build the app, using calculations (and possibly workflows) to track used/remaining PTO according to your needs. There may be something available in the app market already.
    • Each app lets you make it read-only for workspace members:
    1. Click into the app
    2. Go to the wrench/spanner
    3. Click on App Settings
    4. Select Advanced. There are different options under there about what members can and can't do within that app including not being able to add or edit items.
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