Use workflow automation to send email to contact field that lives in apps other than the triggering app


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  • Bavo De Cooman

    You can do this with Podio Workflow Automation.

    Ensure that the lead's email address is connected to the app triggering the flow through a relationship, even if multiple levels deep.
    example: email is in "Contacts" app, which is referenced in "Leads" app, which is referenced in "Deals" app

    1. add a get referenced brick, and follow the path of references to the app containing the email address
      example: in the deals app, the get referenced first goes to the leads app through the relationship in the "deal" field, then you continue to the Contacts app, which is linked to the Leads app in the field called "Contact Info" 
    2. Then add your send email brick. You can now insert the token in the email field.
      example: the field in the contacts app is called "email". You'll find it as "(Ref Contact) Email" in the list of tokens to insert. 
    3. Finally, add two "clear" bricks to close the references. You first close the last one you opened.
      example: first clear the contacts app, then clear the leads app.

    If the app containing the email address is not connected directly or indirectly through a relationship field, add a reference path first or think of a unique identifier to perform a search. 

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards


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