Problems with QR code for prefilled webform



  • Bavo De Cooman

    In the calculation field, be sure to check the preview to see the exact result (in case you hadn't already done this, of course). Also, calculations can get stuck at times.

    Alternatively you can create the prefilled url within a PWA brick. Then the url will be built at the moment you're running your flow. 

    e.g. in this one, I have a single-line field where the Podio ID is stored. You need the external id of the field + you can grab the value from a PWA token. 

    Then you use this variable in your QR brick instead of the calculation field itself. 

    more information about prefilling fields with momentum forms can be found here:

    If both calcs and the PWA variable brick don't work while their respective previews are correct, something must be wrong on the QR generating side. 

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  • Frederik Springer Krehan

    Thank you very much for your respond, I will try this!

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