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  • Joel Ordesky

    Ok this does not answer your question directly but all of my clients working with Power BI are syncing their data out of Podio to MySQL. 

    Podio stores data in a way that gives many analytic tools issues for a number of reasons. 

    Might I suggest you look into https://www.techego.com/products/sync. Seth the owner has made several auto Syncs out to MySQL or SQL for my clients. Power BI works very nicely with that. 

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  • Jefferson Daniel

    This actually helps alot. Because iv been researching MySQL options as well. But my understanding is the Podio Workflow method is still considered experiential and therefore shouldn't be relied on. We originally got MySQL to work with Godaddy CPanel MySQL. But having different issues getting PowerBI to connect to GoDaddy. And go daddy support is extremely unhelpful. So that method was put on hold. 

    I will certainly take a look at this then. So this TechEgo connects directly with Power BI then is what other clients did pretty easily.? If so hopefully the cost isn't bad. Will just cancel godaddy sql and get this.

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