Ability to run failed flows/webhooks based on flow history record


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  • Automations Bot

    Workaround for this would be to create an item directly to a separate app and store them, also add a trigger to a button in that app to perform the same actions as that webhook, also make sure you have all the fields configured as text fields in that app, once you trigger the automation the automation will either be successful or throws error while creating item in your target app which you can capture and store in a field

    On the basis of that you can re run the automation if there was an error after fixing the errors of that webhook action

    Podio is very flexible in implementing workflows according to your use case and if you can achieve the same result with some code, there’s no point for a feature request that not many users agree with

    I’m just a developer and I love to implement workarounds that works like a charm

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