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  • Bavo De Cooman

    You can make the link in the calculation field clickable and less ugly by using Markdown. Put the link text between square brackets followed by the link url between brackets. 

    e.g. [Podio](

    More info about Markdown here:

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  • Mark Lanks


    Thanks for your comment.  Unfortunately, the calculation field itself isn't helpful, because I need it when the entry is being filled out (at which point the calculation field is just a dash).  I've currently put it in the title of the calculation field, where Markdown isn't supported.

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  • Automations Bot

    Crazy Workaround: You can write a script inside tampermonkey and open podio with chrome

    All fields have a class inside html, grab that class from page source and add a code to always highlight the hint field until the field is out of focus, this way you can click or copy that link as you want

    If you want help with this I can probably write a script that does just that

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