Best Practices for finding Items by Item ID




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    Sumedha Panwar


    We are happy to share that you can now access your Podio Item Id in calculation field using token called "Item Id". It will be available as a text field just like Unique id (or App Item Id) 

    We have added some more features to make your experience with calculation fields pleasant! Check these our here:

    Sumedha Panwar
    Product Manager - Podio

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  • Bill Carovano

    I'd suggest that you create a hidden field called "Podio Item ID (Search)" in your app, and use a Podio Workflow Automation that triggers on item creation to populate that field

    Note that if you are creating items in ways that don't trigger item-creation flows (such as Excel import), you'll need to create a batch process in PWA that ensures that the "Podio Item ID (Search)" field is updated

    Once that hidden field is populated in all of your app items, you can search for it

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