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  • Shawn Terry

    Yes but still no customizable table view?  Why are we so concerned with style and not the actual functionality?  I can’t choose what info to see on my iPad.  Just a limited list and badge view.  Please.  I know Podio is not a flagship product but if you guys treated it like one, you could dominate the market in customizable databases.

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  • Sumedha Panwar

    Thanks for your feedback Shawn Terry. The UI upgrade was a much requested feature by many of our Mobile users and hence we acted on it. We do have some UX enhancements in the pipeline for mobile apps following this which are more focussed on iOS-Android parity.
    If we get enough requests for a Table View for mobile apps, we will add it to our roadmap!

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  • AJ Hoffmann

    Is it possible to hide certain fields just In The mobile app view without hiding them In the web browser? Some calculation fields don’t translate well to the mobile interface and it makes it tough to navigate.

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  • PropertyMemos

    Can you tell me what the actual hexadecimal code is for the toolbar that goes across the top of the Podio browser? The pale blue seagreen color? See attached image.

    I want to add a tile for my homepage and make a little custom logo to match this color for my business. 

    thank you kindly.

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