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  • Bill Carovano

    Mark, note that removing the user from the organization doesn't remove the user account from Podio as a whole.  User accounts in Podio are designed to be usable across multiple organizations.

    To directly answer your question, yes a user can change their profile email address / verified emails to be a non-employee email address and then return it back to an employee email address when they return to the organization.  You can have multiple verified email addresses associated with a user account.



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  • Dana P

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to follow Bill's comment as well as you may want to bookmark our guides for reference.

    This one speaks to deleting an account (different like Bill said than removing from your organization). Which you can find here - Deleting your profile information – Podio Help Centre

    Also, you may find our guide to adding alternate email addresses here - Managing account email addresses – Podio Help Centre


    All the best,

    Dana - Podio

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