Calender only shows current month/month were item "started"


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  • Richard Weiss

    Hi Robert,

    we have same and other issues with the calendar layout currently. Lately he's been going crazy, before it has been working well.

    In some apps calendar layout is complete empty, in some other cases only new workspace members can´t see items in the calendar where the date is in the past. (as a workaround I pulled the date in a calculation field and made this visible or copied the dates via excel export/import from the original date field into a new one.)
    Newly in one app you can see items resulting on a date field where the check box "show in calendar" is not active, thats the newest very strange behavior if noticed.
    In apps with more than 2k items, not all are being shown after filtering. (but trying to stay below the limit from 2520 events visible)

    I already submitted a support ticket yesterday and I would advise you to do the same.

    Best, Richard 

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