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  • Mike Davis

    With Citrix podio workflow automation, you should be able to do the following:
    Have a "start a conversation button", which directs to a chat "external link" page. As long as the anonymous saves the link to the external page, they can continue the conversation indefinitely, but they would not receive notifications because it's anonymous and therefore, unless they have a burn phone or a burn email, they cannot receive notifications. https://workflow-automation.podio.com/blog/a-simple-helpdesk-using-podio-and-globiflow.php is a rough outline. The biggest challenge I see is the startup of the "session", but I think with some tinkering, it could be resolved in a matter of hours. Procfu widgets might need to be a component. You may want to post this idea in the globiflow/whatever it is currently named workspace or the procfu workspace and I'm sure there are freelancers who have tested the bounds of all 3 platforms and know the solution already and can help you work through it.

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  • Dana P

    Hi Belinda,

    Thank you for contacting us here with your question. This is an interesting use case for our platform.

    As it was designed from the aspect of a CRM, anonymity is something that is difficult to achieve. Everyone will need to have an email address for logging in and correspondence purposes. 

    Our permissions are granted at the workspace and then at the item level, making it difficult to keep applications hidden from workspace members.

    You may want to look into a Podio Partner to possibly help with implementing something different, for example along the lines of what Mike has mentioned. 


    Dana - Podio

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