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  • Jeremy Sargent

    I concur with Victor.  I have noticed the same issue.  When updating a field, the activity log does not automatically update immediately as it has up until now.  Sometimes the activity log will update after half a minute or so, sometimes it will update after a few other field changes, sometimes it won't update at all.  If I need to see field updates or other activity in the comment log, the only surefire way to make this happen is to manually refresh the page.  Has anyone else noticed this?

    For some, this might not be a problem.  For my company, however, we make heavy use of Globiflow scripts, and we rely on those activity updates in the comment log to track the progress of complex script functions that must complete before further field updates can be performed.  

    I really hope that this is not a permanent functionality change.  The ability to see how a certain script fires, in real-time, and what messages it generates is an essential part of our internal data validation process.  Having to refresh the screen hundreds of times every hour to get this necessary information is not even remotely feasible.  Does anyone know why this has been happening lately or if there is a way to fix it?

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  • Darshan Swamy

    Hi Victor/Jeremy,


    I kindly request you to submit a support ticket for us to investigate this for you, Please click the below link to submit a case:-



    Thank you,




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  • Victor Babani

    done , thank you Darshan, i hope you can fix this, one of the main features of Podio is the hability to run in real time!!!

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  • Eugenia M. Sutton

    This issue occurs because certain fields are "display" fields. This means that they do not perform a calculation. These fields show a result even when you do not update them, and they appear whether you print the document. These "display" fields include AUTONUM, AUTONUMLGL, AUTONUMOUT, BARCODE, and EQ.MCDVOICE

    Certain other fields are related to pagination and printing and are only updated when you print or preview your document. These fields include DATE, TIME, PAGE, PAGEREF, PRINTDATE, REF, and SECTIONPAGES.

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