Error log improvements for workflow automation



  • Jude Lawrence

    Would it be possible to have a link to the Podio item that the error is related to? This would be really helpful.

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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Jude, 
    A) in the Logs menu (between "Flows" and "Help") in the column "Item" you see the Item ID which you can click - that leads directly to the item
    B) In the Logs tab in each flow you also see the Item ID, but it's not clickable. But with the ID you can create your own link. Simply enter in the browser:   (where 123456789 is the Item ID). 
    C) If you get error notifications via email you also have the Item ID. For my clients I have an "Error Log" App, the email will be sent to that app (each email creates an item). In this app you can have a calculation field "Link to Item": 

    var itemID = String(@Text.split("Item: ")[1]).trim();
    "" + itemID 

    @Text is the field where email body is in. And x/y/ you can take literally (instead you x/y you als use donald/duck/ or jude/lawrence/ or whatever strings you want. Only the url structure is important. 


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  • Jude Lawrence

    Hi Rainer,

    Has anyone told you you're amazing! Thanks for the tip. I never knew you could use the Item ID like that. I think I might set up an Error Log App as well.


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