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  • Vikram Shekhar

    Translated from French by Google and posted here for the Community:

    Multi-level relationship
    Hello everyone,


    Sorry for French and my first steps on Podio.

    I created two tables to manage expenses and a very detailed forecast budget.

    In the spend table, I need to put information on the dates, invoice number, amount etc ... but I would like these expenses to be linked to the budget table to make an analytical follow-up of my expenses and to compare the expenses. expenses with my projected budget ....

    The problem is that I have to link 3 categories fields of my budget table in my expense table.

    1 - Who makes the expense 6 possible choices (Val D'Aoste, Turin, Savoy ...)


    3 - Other categories more than 20 possible choices (1.1 operational management ...)

    2 - Which categories of expenditure 5 possible choices (Service, transport, equipment ...), and it does not appear .... I stuck ...

    I manage to calculate from one table to the next, to see if I am in the budget estimate and tell me the amount remaining, but I can not link my 3 budget categories to my expenses. It works for one, see two ... but the choice of my third category never appears more than 10 am that I am above ...

    A small screenshot ....


    And I do not know anything about java script .....



    Thank you


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