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How to Add Image to PDF?

Hi all,

I'm new to this community.  I am trying to create an Inspection report for my business.

I am trying to create a PDF with inventory of items, but struggling to add images to the PDF.
Each Item has an image field
  • Image: [uploaded images]  
I can pull out the item and I can get the image Podio URL or Public URL, but my PDF does not seem to want to display the image.
I can manually enter the URL, that is:
... and this hardcoded item works to show the image.
However, it does not like it when I replace it with the Podio URL or Public URL tag.
The problem is I have tried different things such as:
"<img src=".[(Variable) PodioURL].">"
It does not display the picture, just small grey squares for ALT tag:
Can you please help me who do I display the Podio URL or Public URL as the actual image in a PDF?


Minerva Homes

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Hello Mike,


We can help you with this.


Please reach our support platform since this is something that needs further troubleshooting,







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