Count the times I change a field



  • Emili Girones

    I would do it through Globyflow. When the date field changes, run a flow that increments a numeric field in your app

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  • I would approach this by simply adding a numerical field in the app, then using a simple globiflow that is set up as follows:

    -When an item is updated

    -Filter for If Last Contacted has just changed

    -Then use an update item step and update the "contact count" field with a calc of the current value + 1


    If you are wanting to avoid the possibility of someone manually editing the Contact Count value, you could even make the Contact Count numerical field an always hidden field, then use a calc field to simply reference/display that value. 

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  • Andrew Wardle

    You could create a new app called "Contact Records" with fields

    Contact Date

    Then whenever the date field changes, create an item in this app using Globiflow. This would allow you to access the total number of contacts and date of last contact within your CRM app as:

    @all of Contact Date.length
    @max of Contact Date



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