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Copying field data (birthdate) between apps


Is it possible to copy the data from a Date or Category field from one app to another?

In App1 we have a Dog (we train Assistance Dogs for Wheelchair assistance and for children with Autism)

In App1 the Dog entry has a Date Field for Birthdate and a Category field for Breed (i.e. Golden Retriever)

In App2 we have a Relationship field that references App 1 and we have modified the Reference Layout

Here's the challenge.  In App2, we need to have a Date field for Birthdate as well.  Needs to be a separate field.  We can see it in the Reference Layout, but that's not sufficient.  Needs to be its own field.  Is there any way to reference the Date field (Birthdate) from App 1 in a new Date Field in App2?

In MS Excel terms this would like entering =B1 in a Cell

Any help would be appreciated!



Jim Cantrell

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I know this is possible if you use advanced workflows (Globiflow).  For us, we do this for event planning.  Once the event app item is created and a certain trigger is clicked, it creates app items with copied data into new app items for speaker info, technology info, food info, and other apps.

So the trigger creates the new app 2 record and copies the data over at the time of app 2 creation.  I have been told by support that it cannot happen if app 2 is already created and you just want to copy data over.  That may have changed in the last year & a half but that is what I learned.

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Yes, Globiflow is an easy way to accomplish this. I also outlined a way to build your own updater in AWS on a recent Podcast if you are interested in something more technical.

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