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Calculation using multiple "Fees" multiplied by quantity to show itemized and then total


I have been researching this for days and cannot seem to figure it out. Maybe I can find some help here, thank you in advance. 

I am building our Podio to create and manage proposals. Each Prospect -(app) has a "guest count" which is basically quantity and a relationship field from "fees" for the various fee options a client can choose. I need a calculation that can calculate each fee multiplied by the guest count in an itemized format. 

This can either be done inside the same app "Prospects" or if it needs to be done in another "Proposal"/Sale App that is fine too. 

The end goal is to pull this data via globiflow, allow the customer to select the fee options they desire and produce a total based off of items selected. At this point I may need to hire someone...? 


Thank you

Lauren Jacob

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