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More of a Globiflow/RightSignature Question But Figured I'd Try Here

Hi all,


Like the title says, this question pertains more to Globiflow and RightSignature but I couldn't find a similar community for those apps specifically. Any guidance would be hugely appreciated!

The issue I am having is the following: I have managed to create a working integration between the two apps whereby a flow triggered by a Podio app for 'Offers' creates a PDF and sends it via RightSignature for a client to sign. I was able to get this far without much of an issue. The problem came when I was asked to add a step prior to this whereby the principals of the business have the ability to sign off on any offer that goes out to a client prior to the client getting it. I have tried adding this step but can't quite get it to work the way I need to. For example, the pdf will be generated and signed by the admin/principal, but then won't attach to Podio but only appear on the comment/activity section.


Has anyone had success with this type of arrangement?


Thank you,



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I don't have an answer for this issue but cannot get the signature panels to appear.

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